Green and yellow parking in Enschede


The city of Enschede continues to upgrade their parking meters. TMC is ordered by the city to prepare beautiful yellow, refurbished Strada EVO parking machines for a second life on the street. So green and yellow at the same time!

Old machines

Early this year, TMC prepared 35 refurbished machines for the city of Enschede to put back on the street. But there are more parking meters in the city, and even though these old machines are still working fine, they obviously do not meet the demands of today in terms of payment options and user-friendliness. Again work to do in Enschede!

Refurbished: pure benefits

Ultimately, the city wants to have contemporary and user-friendly parking meters, but with the same familiar yellow housing. After the first series, we again refurbished used parking machines. That saves Enschede considerably in costs and it is a green, sustainable solution, because we use existing housings. And we also keep unity in the sunny yellow streets!

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