Recreation payment terminal

Recreation payment terminal

Sometimes camping fees or an admission ticket must be paid for camp sites or nature reserves. Situations where the TMC recreation payment terminal can be of excellent service. Let the camper owner or visitor buy his or her ticket themselves. A payment terminal is available 24/7 and can even be used at remote locations. Hospitable to both visitors and the manager.

  • Relieve the manager
  • No cash in circulation
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No impact on existing (paid) facilities
  • Technology proven reliable as a on street parking terminal

Case: Dune reserve ticket machine

Owner and manager of the Noordhollands Dune Reserve area, PWN, wants visitors to enjoy the beautiful landscape. That's what the dune reserve tickets are for. With the proceeds of these tickets, PWN keeps the paths accessible and the organization ensures sustainable nature management. You can buy the dune reserve tickets online, at the visitor center of the nature reserve or at the dune reserve ticket machine. The TMC dune reserve ticket machines are set up at the various entrances to the area.

PWN has chosen the TMC terminal because of its user-friendliness. The terminal guides the user quickly and efficiently through the process of buying and paying for a dune reserve ticket, using the latest technology.



Case: Camp site

Camp site De Zandweg is a neatly laid out site with space for 15 campers, within walking distance of the center of Zierikzee and a nature reserve. The manager has choose the TMC recreation payment machine so that camper owners can pay the camping fee 24/7, based on their camp site space number.

Camper owners are now free to arrive and pay when they want and it gives the manager more freedom. Instead of visiting the campers every time to collect the (cash) fees, as a host he now has more time for his guests.

Easy payment

Equipped with a debit card, credit card and / or coin payment options, the recreational payment terminal offers unprecedented ease of use. The terminal is available 24/7 so that visitors can pay their camping fees or purchase their entrance ticket themselves.

More info?

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Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about the TMC camping fee payment terminal. Feel free to contact us.


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