Accountant reports

Accountant reports

At the end of the year it is time for the financial completion. TMC offers excellent accounting reports that help your organization close the financial year.

  • Auditor's report
  • Parking tariff deviations
  • ISAE 3402 report

Auditor's report

This is a statement from the board of Stichting Beheer Mobiliteitsgelden, which has been checked and signed by an independent accountant.

The report contains the following topics:

  • The responsibility of the board
  • The responsibility of the accountant
  • The audit execution
  • The risk assessment and the judgement
  • The signed specification from the board


Tariff deviations

This report presents possible deviations within the parking meter tariff. The parking transactions are displayed graphically based on the amount paid versus the parking time obtained. This makes deviations immediately clear.

Benefits of this report:

  • The overview is transparent per tariff
  • No more physical tariff check per parking meter


ISAE 3402 report

The ISAE-3402 report states that, provided that the so-called 'user entity controls' are met, the data in the parking management system is correct and complete. TMC ensures that the accountant of your organization can perform a file review of the underlying file of the accountant of TMC.

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