Strada T-Pal

Strada T-Pal

The Strada T-Pal offers a large, clear color screen with an even lower energy consumption than the Strada Touch. The separate keyboard (touchboard) provides great ease of use. Due to our pursuit of optimum user-friendliness, the physical buttons of the classic Strada parking machine have been exchanged for a capacitive (touch-sensitive) touchboard positioned under the screen. Optionally, their are various touchboards layouts available.

  • Large, clear color screen
  • Touch sensitive touchboard
  • Different touchboard layouts available
  • Suitable for number plate parking


  • Housing: 4 mm steel with anti-corrosion and anti-graffiti coating
  • Standard color: Moss Green
  • Other available colors: Titanium Grey / Sterling Grey / Magic Blue / Jet Black
  • Power: Solar panel, connected to public lighting, mains
  • Payment options: coins, debit cards, credit cards, Dip & Go, Tap & Go
  • Display: 7" color screen
  • Interface: Touchboard
  • Printer: Graphical thermal printer
  • Data connection: 4G connection to back-office


The Strada parking meter

The Strada parking meter is part of the latest generation parking meters. Its design reflects our core values: innovative technology, superior quality, sustainability and autonomy. Technology which takes pre-paid parking to the next level.

  • Fits in every environment
  • Very user friendly
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Low power consumption
  • Dip & Go and Tap & Go: Fast and safe transaction flow


The Strada parking machine is very energy efficient and can operate fully autonomously for quite some time. This allows the solar panel to be in line with the slender machine. The parking meter is for more than 90% recyclable, and by adding an upgrade kit to the parking meter, its lifespan can be significantly extended. This makes the Strada a real (long-term) sustainable asset to your city.



The solar panel makes the Strada independent of mains power. The wireless 4G communication with the back-office provides an even greater autonomy.

Easy maintenance

The Strada parking meter was designed with modularity and simplicity in mind. This is especially evident during service. The machine is divided into two separate compartments, each with its own lock. The lower compartment is only accessible for cash collecting, the upper for technical maintenance.

The main components such as card reader, printer, receipt paper, as well as electronic components can be replaced without the use of any tools. In addition, the machine proactively sends notifications to the back office when for example a consumable is running low.


  • Fullsize ABC or QWERTY keyboard for number plate parking
  • Coloured (tariff) zone indicator, 9 or 18 cm high
  • Lightpost, with optional area code
  • Zone indication pole
  • Internal heating

More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about pre-paid parking with the Strada parking meter.

Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about the Strada parking meter. Feel free to contact us.


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