Wageningen goes contactless and prepares for number plate parking


The city of Wageningen is embracing paid parking, having existing machines converted to support the latest payment methods, expanding the area for paid parking, putting extra parking meters on the streets and preparing for number plate parking.

Expansion of paid parking area

The city of Wageningen is expanding paid parking and is therefore putting extra machines on the street. These Strada T-Pal parking meters are of course equipped with the latest technology, so that parkers can pay with a bank card, even contactless, while the parker interacts via a strikingly clear color screen.

Conversion of existing parking machines

And if there are five of those brand new parking machines on the street, equipped with the latest technical gadgets, then the existing machines of course can not be left behind. That is why they have the options of bank card and Tap & Go payments added. Throughout Wageningen, parkers can pay efficiently and safely.

Pilot with license plate parking

The city also wants to switch to number plate parking and therefore it starts a pilot. Parkers can get used to the changes: no more tickets behind the windscreen and entering the registration number at the machine. Wageningen can also experience what the city needs to do to introduce number plate parking in the whole city smoothly

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